Pourquoi Mirette et le Black Friday ne sont pas compatibles

Why Mirette and Black Friday are not compatible

Black Friday, a commercial event originating in the United States, has quickly become synonymous with mass consumption and aggressive promotions.

This period encourages impulsive purchasing, often guided by the quest for the best deal rather than by need or the real value of the product.

This event is therefore in opposition to the values ​​of Mirette, as well as to the fundamental values ​​of craftsmanship for several reasons:


The promotion of artisanal work

The artisans highlight the quality, authenticity, time spent and the unique know-how involved in each creation. Black Friday, with its focus on price reductions, can devalue this meticulous work and skill by giving the impression that the only appeal of a product lies in its cost.


Small series production

Craftsmanship is characterized by unique pieces or limited series, often made to order. The Black Friday economic model, which is based on large stocks and rapid product turnover, is therefore difficult to apply to crafts.


Sustainability and responsible consumption

The artisanal approach promotes more thoughtful and sustainable consumption, in opposition to the compulsive buying encouraged by Black Friday, which can lead to waste and the accumulation of non-essential goods.


Fair prices

Handcrafted items justify their price by the quality of the materials, the manufacturing time and the uniqueness of the object. Black Friday, with its discount practices, can push consumers to underestimate the real value of these products and to expect unrealistic reductions given production costs.


The relationship with consumers

Artisans often seek to establish a close relationship with their customers, by sharing their passion and their story. Black Friday, on the other hand, promotes an impersonal, transaction-oriented shopping environment.


In short, Black Friday and Mirette are part of two different visions of consumption. While this event is synonymous with speed and quantity, Mirette favors quality, uniqueness and a more conscious and respectful approach to the work of creators.

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