NF Comes from the verb to look carefully.

NF Tool made of a steel wire loop, used by modelers and sculptors to remove excess material.

Beyond its literal definition, Mirette is above all a community of passionate professional artists and craftsmen, a platform for meeting these creators, a place for exchange and sharing around a common passion: the love of manual work, unique pieces of character.

Through their personalities and their different means of expression, whether ceramics, painting, sculpture, woodworking or even glass blowing, these artists share with us their values, their inspirations, their sensitivity, their know-how… Sometimes a little piece of their soul and their deep emotions.

While they devote themselves to their art, immersing themselves in their work with passion and patience, Mirette takes over what strays from their core business, so that they can devote themselves fully to it. .

Mirette provides them with support in terms of communication through its website and social networks, but also in terms of order management and customer relations.

Mirette's dual vocation is to unearth gems just for you by promoting art, handmade, craftsmanship, but above all to allow people whose know-how deserves to be known to be visible by everyone.

Thanks to the indication of the geographical area of ​​each partner, we wish to encourage and stimulate local consumption, short circuits, by allowing you to discover the fabric of arts and crafts present near you.

The pieces are packaged and shipped directly from each creative workshop.

In fact, Mirette does not have a storage warehouse, thus avoiding unnecessary journeys and allowing a direct relationship between the buyer and the artist.

Partner artists and craftsmen are selected for their values, their ethical and social commitment, and their artistic sensitivity as well, in order to offer you a coherent and responsible offer.

oeuvre vases en céramique dans un cadre


To become a partner artist or craftsman and sell your works on Mirette, nothing could be simpler:
The first step will be to fill out the application form. Our team will do everything possible to give you an answer as quickly as possible.

Once your application is accepted, all you have to do is create your space in complete freedom!



The objective of Mirette is to highlight the works of professional artists and craftsmen so that they reach as closely as possible the art and crafts lover who will be sensitive to the artistic expression proposed.

This will be possible by reflecting values, a visual identity, emotions, in a coherent editorial line.

The selection allows us to promote the visibility of our partners among a clientele that we know is receptive to the editorial line chosen by Mirette.

This selection optimizes the encounter between the works and people sensitive to the message of the artist or craftsman.


    You remain free to change your mind, you have 14 days to return your purchases and obtain a full refund.


    Our partners are carefully selected and their professional status is verified. In addition, transactions are carried out via a reliable and recognized payment service provider.


    You know who you are buying from. The artists and craftsmen are presented to you and have their own Artist page.