Have you placed an order and would like to cancel, exchange or return the item?
Here we explain how to do it.

Cancel an order

Have you changed your mind?
As long as your order has not been processed by the artist or craftsman, you can request its cancellation.
You must then contact the Artist directly to inform them of your wishes.
To do this, you will find the contact form on the Artist page, or on the article page.
If you have ordered from multiple Artists and wish to cancel all items, you will need to contact each Artist. To find the Artist, you can go toyour account and view the order: you can directly click on the item to go to the Item page.
Remember to indicate your order number in your message. The Artist will respond to you at the email address you provide when filling out the contact form. After receipt of your request and if the package has not yet been shipped, the Artist is required to "refuse" your order. You will receive an email informing you, and your reimbursement will be initiated immediately.

Exchange or return an order

You can request a return or exchange from the moment your order has been processed (you will have received a confirmation email telling you that the order is accepted by the artist, then an email informing you of processing and shipping of the order).
This means that, even if you have not yet received your order, it is in transit and it is no longer possible to cancel it directly.

To request an exchange or return, go toyour account then click on the order concerned.
Then click on “Return Request”. On the line of the item(s) you wish to exchange or return, click on “Request return”.

Then complete the form indicating the quantity concerned, whether it is a return or an exchange and choose the reason for your request.
If the reason is "wrong product received", "damaged product" or "non-compliant", you will need to attach a photo to your request.
You can also add a comment. If this is an exchange request, remember to specify the product you would like to receive instead.
Finally click on “Submit a request”.

Your request will be sent directly to the Artist or Craftsman, who will respond to you via Mirette's internal messaging system, and will give you instructions to follow for returning the items.

In the case of a simple return, upon confirmation of receipt of the item(s) in good condition by the Artist, your refund will be initiated.

If it is an exchange, the artist or craftsman will tell you if the new item is shipped directly, or if it is preferable to refund the returned item and reorder Mirette for the new item. This will be preferable especially in the event of a price difference between items.

Remember, the sale is between the Artist and yourself. Mirette only has the role of intermediary here. It is therefore the general conditions of sale and the return policy of the Artist, available on his Artist page and on the article page, which apply. (In particular whether delivery costs are reimbursed or not, whether return costs are your responsibility, etc.)

Follow a request

You can follow the progress of your request at any time. To do this, follow the same procedure as to make the request: go toyour account, click on the order concerned, then click on “Return Request”.
On the line of the item(s) concerned, this time you can click on “See details”

You will be able to consult the history of your request, its status, and communicate with the Artist. It is also through this means that the Artist must send you his instructions for the return or exchange. You will be notified by email of any change in the status of your request, or of any message received from the Artist.

Upon receipt of the item in good condition, the Artist will indicate the status "Product received - reimbursement can be initiated".
You will then receive an email informing you of the updated status of your request. A second email will confirm your refund.

Some terms currently appear in English, please forgive us. If you encounter the slightest difficulty, the Mirette team remains at your disposal to assist you.