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“My personal success is when I manage to forget imposter syndrome and know that I am supported in my artistic approach!”



illustrator, Colombes (92)

Annabelle tells us how, during confinement, a hobby quickly transformed into a passion: how Annabelle Mai became Papier Dilu.

Tell us your story, how did your vocation come to you?

In 2020, I drew a small series in black marker and watercolor, "Confipotes", where I imagined my friends in their confinement. This hobby that I thought was fleeting finally stayed! No training in drawing or graphics, I learned by practicing, and especially by observing.
In 2023, I will therefore continue with watercolors, markets, collaborations with other artists and craftsmen in parallel with my job as production director in the audiovisual sector.

How would you describe your style, your artistic approach in a few words?

All my watercolors are based on photos that I re-interpret. I base myself on what my eyes, or those of others, have seen! I take a lot of everyday photos with my phone that I re-use in watercolor later. Archives of what I encountered, transposed onto paper!

What are the themes or subjects that inspire you the most in your work?

Blue inspires me a lot, the sky (especially crossed by electric cables) and wildlife.

How do you work?

In music !

Do you have a particular technique, a particular know-how? Without revealing all your secrets to us, have you developed your own methods and techniques?

I don't apply a particular technique, I test, I go deeper... There are sometimes failures (or even abandonments) but I build my method step by step. I also explored other media and adapted watercolor, notably with my collaboration with Ippyoo, a saddlery and leather goods craftsman.

Tell us about your daily life, your constraints, your joys, your successes…

I don't paint every day, but every day, I have ideas that come to me, I prepare sketches for future watercolors, I make lists related to illustration, I prepare content for social networks, I think about the arrangements for future markets, new collaborations...
My constraint is not having a workshop, or a closed office where I can concentrate and create my little bubble while I create!
What makes me happy is obviously when customers purchase an illustration, take the time to come and greet me at a market, or place a personalized order.
My personal success is when I manage to forget imposter syndrome and know that I am supported in my artistic approach!


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