“Together, we create much more than just candles: we offer a symphony for the senses, where design meets olfactory art.”

SOATIANA R. & Florian lm


Creators of scented candles, Paris (75)

The creative couple tells us how their passion for craftsmanship linked to their love of scents gave birth to Cannelya in 2020.

Tell us your story, how did your vocation come to you?

Cannelya was born at the end of December 2020. After a shopping experience on the market, we very quickly noticed that no candle really stood out from the others. Through this experience, a desire to create was born in us and it was only after long months of reflection that we carried out our first test. We tirelessly repeated the experience to finally decide to take the plunge and make the original, unique and personal scented candle.

Quality, aesthetics and responsible manufacturing are at the heart of our concerns and our processes.

How would you describe your style, your artistic approach in a few words?

Cannelya is a brand of minimalist candles that comes in refined and aesthetic containers with a responsible and sustainable approach.

What are the themes or subjects that inspire you the most in your work?

The visual side, the original, atypical shapes and containers inspire us enormously

How do you work?

Our workshop is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris.
Each candle leaving our workshop has been designed entirely by hand. They are unique.
The raw materials used remain 99% natural. Each of our scents was designed in close collaboration with our perfumer, Maison Madeleine Paris.
The entire design was the subject of a responsible approach.

Do you have a particular technique, a particular know-how? Without revealing all your secrets to us, have you developed your own methods and techniques?

Throughout the project, from the launch until today, Cannelya invests a lot in research and development, continuously. Today we control the entire design chain internally. From the creation of our molds to the making of our scented candles.

Tell us about your daily life, your constraints, your joys, your successes…

Every morning, Cannelya's workshop lights up with a glow of optimism. The intoxicating aroma of melted wax fills the air, creating an inspiring atmosphere that accompanies every step. The first hours are dedicated to creation. Each day brings its share of logistical challenges, commercial prospecting and the marketing side. Ensuring each candle is finished in time to meet concept store demand is a fine balance between art and production. Florian and I work hand in hand to ensure that every product that leaves the workshop is a work of art in itself. There is no shortage of proud moments either. Every time a customer shares their love for our scented candles, it's a win for the Cannelya team. Each exhibition, each personalized order, each mention/publication in magazines and each positive feedback are steps that remind us that our passion is shared and appreciated.

A message to convey, something you would like to share?

Cannelya was born with a lot of passion, willpower and a lot of resilience.
If we had to send a message, Florian and I encourage you to believe in your desires and your projects.


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