“The spring that I cannot see blooming outside comes to life in the pages of my notebooks.”




The artist tells us how, after fascinating studies in Architecture, she decided to return to her lifelong love: drawing.

Tell us your story, how did your vocation come to you?

Drawing has always been part of my life. My mother paints a lot and she immersed us (me and my sister) in a world where art and creativity were very present and highlighted. When I was little, I went to drawing classes every week where we tried out various techniques or subjects. I didn't specifically have a particular style but I had fun reproducing paintings, drawings from books, objects around me, etc.
Finally, by nature rather down to earth, and without clearly seeing where studies in art could lead me, I embarked on the study of Architecture. The studies are fascinating and even include theoretical and practical lessons relating to the world of art! Drawing then becomes for me a support for the representation of my architectural projects.
It was only a few years after leaving school that drawing took over an important place in my daily life. Newly arrived in a city where I don't know anyone and more or less locked up at home due to covid, I pick up my pencils and fill my notebooks with floral patterns. The spring that I cannot see blooming outside comes to life in the pages of my notebooks.
Ultimately, it was those close to me who encouraged me to do something with all these drawings. I still work in architecture but have been self-employed for a few months... I then decided to reorganize my work a little and ended up deciding to create an online store.

How would you describe your style, your artistic approach in a few words?

Sometimes we shouldn't ask too many questions and do what we like, this can lead to nice surprises.

What are the themes or subjects that inspire you the most in your work?

Undeniably nature. Flowers in particular present an infinite number of possibilities, whether they exist or not they can take a thousand and one forms. Flowers have a positive identity for me, they evoke spring, a rediscovered softness, colors, the sun, they bring back memories, they are given as gifts, they beautify an interior...
More recently we find the presence of water in my drawings as well as a few nods to the region where I come from. I grew up in the Landes, near the ocean and I want to integrate into my creations the well-being that the ocean and this very special nature provide me.

How do you work?

I work from home and my desk is a happy mix of sketchbooks, pencils, my computer and my laser meter. It is by juggling between architecture and drawing that I finally find my balance.
As for drawing, I got into the habit of drawing in my notebooks with a pen and black felt-tip pen. All my originals are therefore exclusively in black and white! and it is only after digitization that I produce the illustrations in color.
More recently, the iPad has appeared in my practice as I have undertaken to print my illustrations in larger formats. It then allows me better precision and higher printing quality than that obtained when I work solely by hand and on a smaller scale.

Tell us about your daily life, your constraints, your joys, your successes…

Embarking on this adventure is a real challenge for me! I never imagined I could turn my love for drawing into something concrete. Each new step taken is a joy: the opening of the online store, the first orders, the first time my illustrations are sold in store, my first designer market... I am quite impatient by nature so I sometimes I have the impression that things are not going fast enough, that I could do better or do more, but I take the time to create my rhythm between architecture and drawing for a daily professional life that pleases me and suits me.


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