“My pieces are unique, entirely handmade with the desire to use no tools, just earth, hands and fire.”

Valérie Cachat - gum


Ceramist, Chambéry (73)

Valérie tells us how it seemed obvious to her to bring the subject into her daily professional life.

Tell us your story, how did your vocation come to you?

After studying arts and training in graphic design, the desire to move towards work anchored in the material between art and craftsmanship emerged.

How would you describe your style, your artistic approach in a few words?

Organic and soft shapes with natural treatment. I do a lot of research which pushes me towards a new side of my work that is more graphic and colorful thanks to the process of screen printing on earth.

What are the themes or subjects that inspire you the most in your work?

Nature, architecture, the work of color by certain artists like Bonnard, Matisse or Rothko for example, always with a touch of humor.

How do you work?

I am lucky to have a large workshop in the heart of the city, I can make and cook on site, I like working with French stoneware with a lot of chamotte. Raku is also a big part of my work, I like the graphic side of smoky black and white enamel. My pieces are unique, entirely handmade with the desire to use no tools, just earth, hands and fire.

Do you have a particular technique, a particular know-how? Without revealing all your secrets to us, have you developed your own methods and techniques?

I am developing a technique that combines my passion for printed, graphic and pop works and working with the earth. The screen-printed ceramic pieces will soon be available on the website...

Tell us about your daily life, your constraints, your joys, your successes…

I divide my time between work in the workshop and essential moments with my students, nothing is more important to me than transmission and exchange.

A message to convey, anything else you would like to share?

It takes years to regain the innocence of the first time.


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