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Atelier H

I am Groot

I am Groot

Unique piece.

Heated fig vase.

Natural edge. The main work was to maintain a constant thickness of 3 mm over the entire vase surface. Linseed oil finish to keep the piece rustic.

Height:27 cm


The fig tree is a treasure.

A symbol of abundance and generosity, under its gray and rough bark the wood, still green, reveals its knotty and white flesh as a silent witness to the passage of the seasons. Emblem of wisdom and peace, guardian of the secrets of the earth and the hopes of humanity.

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Artisanat français. Vase en bois fait-main. Vase artisanal en bois sculpté à la main. Objet décoratif. Décoration intérieure artisanale et éthique. Décoration design. Artisanat du bois. Pièce unique. Livraison offerte



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